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About Us

Indigo child was born out of a want and need to support the local handcrafting community and jobless families. With so many people having no means of support except for their own inspiration and gifted hands to bring in an income, I am dedicating this site to helping those that are eager and willing to have a means to show case their amazing work be it jewellery, clothes, crafts, stone work as long as it is a hand crafted idea.

As an indigo parent with an indigo child we appreciate the beauty of what mother nature has given us in music, art and nature.

Indigo children

Creators of the path to the New World

Knowing what they were born to do, old souls

Bringing a sense of confidence, enthusiasm for life, commitment and intrigue.

Creative and sensitive, they strive to make a difference in this world

A warrior spirit always challenging the world

I am a being of light and love

I am divinity guided and inspired

I am a child of the Universe.