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Here at DIY Western Cape we enjoy sourcing products to help the DIY enthusiasts. Whether you needs to cut costs, simply enjoy improving your home with your own hands, or you are helping others with DIY projects to earn some extra cash, these products will work for you!

DIY Paving Moulds

Pathmate paving moulds come in three different shapes currently.

We have the Random – 

18011133_298042540616051_4380959598344925765_n DIY Western Cape Photo Gallery Paving-mould-random DIY Western Cape Photo Gallery Paving-mould-random-pool DIY Western Cape Photo Gallery








The Belgium – 

17904302_298043260615979_6223759155844841598_n DIY Western Cape Photo Gallery Paving-mould-Belgium DIY Western Cape Photo Gallery Paving-mould-Belgium-patio DIY Western Cape Photo Gallery








And the Path-Walker

17904105_298043023949336_6714090601130963716_n DIY Western Cape Photo Gallery Paving-mould-decor DIY Western Cape Photo Gallery Paving-mould-pathwalker-fire-pit DIY Western Cape Photo Gallery








All moulds are made of durable plastic and are designed to bring you years of paving projects, provided they are well taken care. The mould is easy to use, so you can bring the whole family out to help you pave! Each purchase is followed by an email full of info on how to use the mould. This means no need to get lost on Youtube looking for instructions. The cement is found at your local hardware store.

How-to-make-a-mould DIY Western Cape Photo Gallery

These are perfect for the avid gardener, first time DIY gardener, and even small landscaping businesses. Those who are looking for extra income would be able to offer paving services to their neighbours and friends without the need to carry larger amount of equipment. The pathmate moulds are space-efficient and light enough to be carried by anyone. Once you are finished using it, simply wash off the dry cement and pack it into a cupboard until you need it again.

If something should happen to your paving, no need to call and wait for a repair man, just bring out your pathmate mould and fix up where it is needed.

With the current drought in the Western Cape, home owners are having to make the hard decision to let their once beautiful lawns become nothing but sand. The pathmate moulds allow customers to create neat, appealing gardens that do not require watering and minimize the sandy dust around the home.

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